Tyrannosaurus AG

Hello World: We are Open for Business

We help:

  • Corporate dinosaurs to harness/leverage their digital potential and increase their chance of survival
  • Ordinary companies to speed up digital transformation
  • Fintech Start-Ups to outsmart corporate dinosaurs and incumbents
  • Private investors not to fall prey to dinosaurs or archaic business practices

If any of the above refers to your situation and you need help, pls do not hesitate to contact us at rex at tyrannosaurus ch.

Our support can take the form of business analysis, competitor analysis, data analysis, process analysis, cost analysis, business mgmt, product mgmt, process mgmt, product management, provision of second opinions, negotiations, brain storming on solutions to problems, …

Our area of expertise is in financial products (including front-to-back processes), financial services (including front-to-back processes), investing (including costs/taxes), handling/using lots of data, creativity & resourcefulness, critical thinking, out-of-the-box thinking